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It's True...

I Hold the Pig

I'm Shizune. :D I wrangle the Fifth Hokage, hold the pig, heal people, do jounin type stuff, etc. My hobbies are... Are you kidding me? I don't have any hobbies! I'm always working. But, actually, I do like reading romance novels, (ones about love, not the ones about...um...other things. But,) I do it secretly since my favorite author isn't Jiraiya-sama and I think he'd probably cry if he found that out.

I also absolutely ADORE travel, especially to historical or cultural places, and I like to collect souvenirs about the history or culture of places! I have a pretty good collection going.

I was raised by Tsunade-sama after her fiance, my uncle Dan (and only surviving family) died. I do my best to take care of her because she's really a wonderful person (when she's not gambling or drinking or shirking work). My goals in life are:

1) Do the best I can to help Tsunade-sama and keep her on her task
2) Protect Konoha and all the wonderful people within it
3) Not let Ton-ton get any fatter.
4) See more of the world's wonders!!!